About Palatka Gas Authority

Purpose Statement

To supply the residences and businesses of the Palatka area with natural gas in a safe and efficient manner. To provide natural gas at a just and equitable rate, comparative with all alternative fuels available. To be a financial asset to the citizens of the City of Palatka providing funds to the general fund of the City. To ensure the future financial stability of the Authority, whereby gas service will be provided on a continuing basis.


Brett Dennis, General Manager

Keith Dunham, Operations Manager

Ann Atkins, Office Manager

More Information

Palatka Gas Authority (PGA) provides natural gas service, appliance sales/ installation and other energy-related offerings to residential and commercial customers in the City of Palatka, East Palatka and surrounding areas. Founded in 1959, PGA currently has thirteen full-time employees and a total of approximately 3,500 customers. The Company is owned by the City of Palatka, and is governed by a five-member board of directors appointed by the City of Palatka.

Affiliated with the following GAS Associations:
American Public Gas Association (APGA)
• Florida Natural Gas Association (FNGA)
• Putnam Chamber of Commerce
• Florida Municipal Natural Gas Association (FMNGA)
• American Gas Association (AGA)

Palatka Gas Authority also promotes and facilitates the use of natural gas as an alternative transportation fuel, and now owns a public CNG station featured at the local Mobil station located at 900 Reid St. in the City of Palatka.