Budget Billing

About Budget Billing

Budget Billing allows you to pay a set amount for your natural gas bill each month. To determine your monthly charge, Palatka Gas Authority will calculate the total amount you spent last year, add 10% to cover the cost of inflation, and then divide the amount over twelve months. Advantages of Budget Billing include:
• The ability to pay approximately the same amount each month
• No bill fluctuations during months of hot/cold weather
• Easier management of your monthly expenses
• It’s free to sign up, and you pay only for the natural gas you use

Eligibility Requirements

• Residential account
• No past due balances*
• Good payment history
*Note: Past due balances may be cause for removal from the program for a 12 month period.

Common Questions

How will I pay the difference if my Budget Billing amount is figured incorrectly?
PGA will review your account quarterly to determine if the amount of your natural gas bill was calculated correctly. If your bill is higher or lower than anticipated, PGA will increase or decrease the monthly amount to spread out the difference over the remainder of the year. In May, your bill will reflect the amount needed to zero the account for the year.

What happens if I choose to cancel Budget Billing?
If you choose to cancel Budget Billing, any balance you still owe will be due at the time of your next bill. If we owe you, the amount will be credited to your account.

Can I take advantage of Budget Billing if I’m an EFT customer?
Yes. You can combine Budget Billing with automatic EFT payments from your checking or savings account.

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