Natural Gas Appliances

Major Appliances

Tankless Water Heaters

• Heat water on demand, providing an endless supply of hot water
• Cost up to 68% less to operate than non-gas tank-style water heaters
• Have appliance lifespans of 20+ years
• Can be installed to work in power outages

Tank-Style Water Heaters

• Provide up to double the hot water twice as fast as non-gas
• Are 50% more energy-efficient than non-gas tank-style units
• Continue to operate in power outages

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• Are up to 95% efficient, and most are ENERGY STAR™ rated
• Provide heat that’s 35 degrees warmer than non-gas heat pumps, along with fewer drafts
• Have heating capabilities that can keep up with the coldest weather (Non-gas heat pumps require secondary heating systems when the temperature drops below 40 degrees)

Cooking Ranges

• Provide precise temperature control, even heat and other cooking advantages
• Continue to operate, even when the power goes out
• Provide greater durability and longevity than non-gas cooktops, along with reduced maintenance
• Cost about half as much to operate as non-gas ranges


• Provide faster drying cycles than non-gas, and complete loads in nearly half the time
• Automatically reduce wrinkles
• Prevent fabric wear-and-tear

Luxury/Outdoor Appliances


• Can be installed virtually anywhere, indoors and out
• Continue to provide functional heat and light, even in a power outage
• Eliminate the need to haul or chop wood
• Provide cleaner, healthier indoor air quality compared to wood-burning fireplaces, and produce no ashes to clean up
• Are available in vent-free models that offer 99.9% efficiency

Patio Heaters

• Extend the use of stylish outdoor living space
• Heat up to a 20-foot radius
• Provide warmer, faster heat than non-gas units
• Cost less to operate


• Enable convenient, clean and inexpensive grilling for endless entertaining
• Eliminate the hassle of filling tanks, buying charcoal and cleaning ashes
• Provide an uninterrupted fuel supply to ensure you never run out of gas in the middle of cooking
• Provide instant “on”, and greater control of grilling temperatures

Pool & Spa Heaters

• Provide consistent and comfortable water temperatures that give you more usable hours at a lower cost
• Take minutes instead of hours to reach the desired water temperature

Plus, don’t forget to ask about other natural gas luxury appliances, including:
• Outdoor lights
• Generators
• Garage heaters
• Desiccant dehumidifiers